Although we must carry out work in high-risk environments, our primary concern is employee safety.


It's important that the employees are well aware of the safety procedures that must take precedence of the work being carried out.  This is why we educate on the importance of not venturing into potentially dangerous environments without taking the necessary precautions through information meetings, such as reading our prevention program in addition to the project manager's prevention program, safety breaks, etc., and assistance with the courses available on a regular basis.


We've acquired mobile dust collectors to improve the health and safety of our workers and to increase the quality of our work. These devices enable improved visibility to the worker and eliminate the accumulation of dust and gas during abrasive blasting and painting in isolated areas or in containment shelters. They collect all waste that is sucked up while being environmentally friendly.


We implemented a company-specific health program in 1990 and we're closely monitored by the CLSC du Grand-Chicoutimi teams.



- Below are a few points from our program:

- Medical surveillance of the workers while performing abrasive blasting;

- An integrated intervention program for abrasive blasting (jointly with the CSST);

- Periodic medical surveillance of the workers while performing abrasive blasting;

- Training on noise protection for workers;

- Training on safe work methods in confined spaces;

- Training on abrasive blasting cleaning: effects on health, means of prevention, respiratory protection and equipment maintenance;

- Periodic X-rays of the workers;

- Training on exposure to lead in a work environment;

- Annual blood test (lead);

- First aid course.

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