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Corrojet Inc. is the only company in Eastern Canada accredited by ARMEX, a subsidiary company of Church & Dwight, a leading American business in pressure washing with a mixture of baking soda and abrasive. Before Corrojet was awarded with the "Armex" certification, the company delegated specialists from Houston, Texas (Houston Technical Center) to provide specialized training to the Corrojet Inc. team.  Every employee operating on the field has the proper training and operating techniques for the products being used.



Surface preparation:


Surface preparation ensures that the substrates are completely clean before the coatings are applied. Surface preparation promotes the adherence of the coatings, in addition to long-term protection of the substrates.


Adherence of the coating is essential to prevent the effects of corrosion. A coating that is securely adhered to the surface will retain its integrity much longer than a less adherent coating. A large variety of abrasives can be used for surface preparation, such as: Synthetic olivine, steel grit, corn cob grit, baking soda, sponge etc.



With a fleet of more than 24 mobile units for rent, we have a wide variety of models and power options ranging from 1,200 to 22,000 cu ft/min. No matter your industry sector, we have the perfect solution for your needs that is environmentally friendly, safe and free of pollutants.



Used for testing the efficiency of HEPA filtered equipment to ensure that they can be used safely in hazardous environments. An aerosol generator is used to convert aerosolized DOP or PAO oil into aerosol droplets calibrated to 0.3 microns. A photometer then measures the amount of particles suspended in the exhaust air stream.